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2nd February 2017

Prof. Galtung receives 10th Honorary Doctoral Degree from Complutense Madrid

            Prof. Galtung’s speech upon receiving Dr Honoris Causa, Universidad Madrid Complutense Dear Rector, dear Jury–I receive this great honor bestowed upon me in deep gratitude and pride, promising to try to live up to it. I will now share with you some words about how I got launched on […]

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9th January 2017

Study Online with Prof. Galtung: Advanced Conflict Transformation

Click here – Enroll now and secure a spot.   Core competencies acquired in this course: Fundamental concepts and instruments for professional Conflict Analysis and Solution-Indicative Conflict Transformation Solving simple actor conflicts Solving complex actor conflicts Solving structural conflicts Solving conflicts across spaces and social levels Goal: Acquire a creative, constructive and concrete idea of […]

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4th October 2016

A personal impression: The Galtung-Institut’s Summer Academy 2016

Some thoughts provoked by Johan Galtung.[1] For five days in July 2016, I had the privilege to take part in a Summer School hosted by the Galtung-Institut for Peace Theory and Peace Practice in Grenzach, Germany. It was an introduction to conflict transformation and the theoretical framework and methodologies developed and practised by Johan Galtung […]

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8th September 2016

Theresa Sing & Galtung-Institut: Specializing in Comparative Deep Culture & Conflict Transformation

I perfectly remember my first encounter with Johan Galtung‘s work, which was during a Peace Studies inspired conference in Indonesia. Studying at university, I frequently got to the point of asking myself: What is the purpose of all these theories? Many conventional theories analyze politics without considering culture or identity, or discuss economics without being […]

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