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The UNESCO charter stipulates that “wars commence in the minds of men” and goes on to suggest that therefore, “the defenses of peace must be constructed in the minds of men”. While conflicts are ubiquitous, violence is not. Violence, sometimes in the form of wars, causes harm and hurt to nature and to human-beings alike. Contrary to the dominant political culture of our time, the Galtung-Institut for Peace Theory and Peace Practice, named after the founding father of academic Peace Studies and 2016 nobel peace prize nominee, is dedicated to the spirit of Art.33 § 1 of the UN Charter in that we strive to demonstrate that violence in general and war in particular can be prevented, deescalated not by military means, but by peaceful, nonviolent means. We strive to demonstrate how equity and empathy can be policy indicative in politics, cultural interaction as well as economic endevors. The spread of politicized destructive violence the world is currently witnessing in Beirut, London, Paris, Brussels, Nice and other “peaceful” places can be and must be resolved in the spirit of nonviolent security.

  • The bad news: Though Prof. Galtung and others have developed techniques & skills that are proven to prevent and deescalate conflicts before they escalate into violence, these skills are often unknown to decision-makers and are rarely taught  at schools or at university.
  • The good news: The knowledge to transform conflicts peacefully before they escalate can be taught to all parties at all levels; from the kindergarten to the embassy and the Galtung-Institut has as its goal, not only to develop these insights further but also to teach and share them systematically in order to effectively contribute to the eradication of the scourge of war.

The Galtung-Institut for Peace Theory and Peace Practice, in accordance with § 52, 2, 1 AO of German Law pursues these goals through “scientific research on theory and  praxeology of peace.

As a partner of the international network of experts in conflict transformation TRANSCEND International (522 members in 80 countries), the G-I will draws upon the globally available expertise in the field of sociological research on peace.

consider supporting this ground breaking effort with a donation: your assitance in the above stated goals is greatly appreciated.

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The Galtung-Institut for Peace Theory and Practice Peace works since our founding in May 2011 because the training program developed on behalf of the United Nations (Conflict Transformation by Peaceful Means) by Prof. Dr. mult. Johan Galtung for use of diplomatic and conflict specialists in crisis and conflict zones to provide broad sections available and this further training in solution-oriented conflict management. This object combines time-intensive research work, as well as administrative excellence, which are often hardly be managed due to financial barriers. To further continue our work at a high level to be able to make such a large population available, we need your support!


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