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    Okwahu Campus

    The Okwahu Campus is located at the town of Abetifi, one of the seventeen original towns (Nkrotoo) of the people of Okwawu at the southern part of the Okwawu-Mampong ridge in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Abetifi is the District Capital of the Kwahu-East District. The Abetifi section of the ridge forms the highest inhabited location in Ghana at about 630 m (2080 ft) above sea level. It has the desirably cool and pleasant climate (average 25oC) associated with elevated locations in the tropics. The seventeen towns are clustered together at an average distance of four kilometres from each other and about 180 km from Accra (Ghana’s capital) and 130 km from Kumasi. The cluster is within a radius of 6 km. The gateway is through a metropolitan town of Nkawkaw at the foot of the ridge on the Accra-Kumasi highway with a population of 45,000.

    Abetifi is one of the early Basel Mission stations in the country. The Basel Missionary Reverend F.A. Ramseyer and his wife were taken through Abetifi as captives of war ( one of the Asante-European wars) on the way to Kumasi in 1869. Rev. Ramseyer later returned to Abetifi to establish a mission station and a school in 1876. The church and the Ramseyer Lay Training Centre today mark the enduring presence of the Presbyterian Church in the town. The Ramseyer Training Centre is currently sharing space with the College on a piece land that was given to Rev. Ramseyer.

    The resident population of Abetifi, about 20,000, is engaged in farming, fishing, livestock rearing, crafts and trading. The local economy is supported by a large semi-resident business population in the large urban towns in all the regions of Ghana. With the exception of the regional capitals in the country, Abetifi is well endowed with various educational institutions with several primary and secondary schools, technical and vocational schools, and a high ranking college of education.

    Akuapem Campus

    The Akuapem Campus is located at Akropong, on Salem Grounds. Akropong, like Abetifi, is one of seventeen towns of the people of Akuapem in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Akropong lies at an elevated height on the Akuapem-Togo range of hills ranging between 381 metres and 488 metres in height, although the highest peak reaches 500 metres above sea level. It has very cool weather in most part of the year.

    Akropong Akuapem is famous for its Basel missionary activities spearheaded by Andreas Riis, through whose instrumentality the foundations of today’s Presbyterian Church of Ghana was laid in Akropong. The first training college in the country was built by the Church in 1848. This premier training college is one of the foremost in West Africa.

    Akropong is the capital of the Akuapem North District and is just about 30 km from Accra (Ghana’s capital). The district has a rich blend of dramatic landscapes, historic relics and traditional cultures. Here, the ancient blends beautifully with the modern. The region is dominated by Lake Volta, one of the world’s largest man-made lakes, and the Akosombo Dam, the source of much of Ghana’s hydroelectric power. Both are worth a visit. A favourite excursion is the weekend trip to Dodi Islands. Visitors can take the opportunity of visiting the original Presbyterian school buildings in Akropong, and the house of Tetteh Quarshie in Mampong. Both towns have many interesting historic buildings.

    Other places and events of historical interests in the area include the century-old Botanical Gardens at Aburi, only 15 minutes drive from Akropong. Tetteh Quarshie’s Cocoa Farm, the first major cocoa farm established in the country and the main beginning of Ghana’s cocoa industry is still there to see. On the Akuapem

    Ridge at Larteh is the fetish, Akonedi Shrine, an important place of traditional healing and religious ceremonies. Traces of the 17th and 18th century slave market can

    still be seen at Abonse, a town that was an important crossroads on the Slave Route. ‘Okomfo’ Anokye’s Shrine located at Awukugua, 4km from Akropong, is dedicated to the legendary priest credited with the founding of the Ashanti Empire.

    Asante-Akyem Campus (Agogo)

    The Asante-Akyem Campus is the third campus of the College and is located at Agogo in the Asante-Akyem North District in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Like the other campuses, Agogo is also on the hills that form part of the Akuapem-Mampong-Gambaga range. The climate is also cool. The gateway is through Konongo, a well-known market centre which lies on the Accra-Kumasi road. Konongo is about 220km from Accra and about 50km from Kumasi. Agogo is about 15km from Konongo.

    The historical ties of the Basel missionary with Asante-Akyem Agogo started with the return of the Basel Missionary after the First World War. One Mr Adolf Kirchner arrived at Agogo to supervise the building operations of a hospital. In 1931, a hospital was opened, that is the Agogo Presbyterian Hospital. Blessed with an army of dedicated, able and efficient doctors and nurses, the Agogo hospital carved a niche for itself, earning a reputation for being a ‘life-saving station’. Mention should specifically be made of one Dr J.H.Meister, a Swiss surgeon, through whose indomitable efforts the hospital was extended and enlarged to include a Nurses’ Training College. The Presbyterian College of Education in the town also attests to the enduring presence of the Church in this area.

    The Agogo Presbyterian Hospital is reputed to be one of the best in the region and is ranked second to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in the Northern Sector of Ghana. It is accredited for the training of housemen in various fields. The hospital has all the important departments that are required for training in health and medical sciences. It also has a diploma awarding Nurses Training College. The hospital is also reputed for eye care and therefore has the setup for training students in optometry.

    This is the facility that would serve as a base for the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences of the College.

    Tema Campus

    The College has established a city Campus, its fourth Campus, at Tema Community Two. The Campus is located at the premises of the Prince of Peace Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Community Two.

    The Campus is operating as a weekend school. The two initial programmes the Campus is running are Bsc. Business Administration and Bsc. Business Economics.

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