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    • African Futures
      Where man originated. So they say. Where minerals abound and whatever tropical wealth nature purveys is acquired by exogenous potentates to the detriment of those born to toil and serve mostly foreign expedient designs. Where exploited, abused and mismanaged territories are governed by equally privileged and corrupt syconphant parvenus consistently manipulative of a lively dynamic youthful and promising population. African Futures explores the constructive potential of the peoples of Africa to do something about all of the above. Join a Solution Oriented discussion about Africa's many futures.
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    • Anything Galtung
      "I just attended a lecture with Prof. Galtung and here is what I think", "I just saw Galtung on T.V. and I want to share my opinion", "I have read about Galtung's conflict triangle but I do not understand it, can you help?", "When is Galtung coming back to -fill in blank-", "What does Galtung think about -fill in blank-", "He teaches doesn't he? How can I enroll in his courses? I would like to study with him!", "Did Galtung predict the Fall of the Soviet Empire ten years in advance or did he not, and if so, which method did he use?" "Can I learn this method?" "Galtung once wrote that -fill in blank- I disagree with this and here is why: (...)" - WELCOME TO ANYTHING GALTUNG
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    • 7 years, 5 months ago

      G-I Administration

    • General Discussion
      Everything that doesn't fit anywhere else. From your opinion on something you just watched on television to your family bothering you with your career choice. "Conflict Resolution Specialist?" What on earth is that supposed to be?
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    • 6 years, 5 months ago

      Sebastian Eck

    • Group 1
      Dusan LOVRE Federica RICCADONNA Jeanette PATINDOL Preben EINVIK
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    • Permaculture for Peace?
      Dear G-I community member, I am Sebastian Eck and I'm inviting you to join me in one of my tasks at the G-I. When I am not busy working at the G-I as a micro-level conflict transformation coach, I am working together with my Ghanaian counterpart Nutsugah Ameno to make a difference in Ghana in ecological terms. Stay tuned as I will be sharing my work on and for "Permaculture for Peace" in here on a regular basis. "Permaculture for Peace" is a project by TRANSCEND International Ghana which is dedicated to saving plants and strengthening the ecosystem in the peri-urban region around their capital in Accra. To give you a brief idea what this is about, most people who care to look at the facts, recognize climate change as a serious future problem. We know about the consequences (e.g: species extinction and mass migration) but how much do we know about solutions and ways ahead? Permaculture is an approach to a sustainable ecological future that offers actionable methods and solutions. The G-I is calling on all ecologically inclined minds, to join in and work with Nutsugah who is based in Accra in preserving the ecosystem in the peri-urban region right around the sprawling capital Accra. Watch out for my movie reviews on Permaculture and my interviews with Permaculture practitioners.
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    • 6 years, 3 months ago

      Sebastian Eck

    • Public Events: Lectures, Conferences, Courses, Screenings etc.
      Share interesting events with the community and invite fellow members! OR Come in here to find interesting events in your region! WHEN POSTING AN EVENT, PLEASE: 1. Go to "Forum" 2. Create new topic 3. Put Country, City & Date in the Title (or "Online" for online-events) 4. Please put the relevant details in the content-section and add a website if availabe
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    • test
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      This is a study-working group related to Prof Galtung's online course in Advance Conflict Transformation (first term 2012) based on the book "A Theory of Conflict" by Prof. Galtung, TRANSCEND University Press, 2010. This is a private group, only users who request membership and are accepted can join the group.Group content and activity will only be visible to members of the group.The intent of the group is to work together in order to acquire a creative, constructive and concrete idea of conflict and its transformation, through complex, real life, exercises. At the same time to have the conflict of one's own choice discussed with the participants and the course director. Enjoy!
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      0 - Assist each other 1 - Training Modules 2 - Rigour and Standards 3 - Gathering Peace Intelligence
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