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Sebastian Eck

Sebastian Eck is a "Personal Conflict Transformation Coach" and fundraiser for the Galtung-Institut's ecological/permaculture cooperation project with TRANSCEND International Ghana. His special fields of interest are coaching & creating value for people, solving conflicts at the micro-level and permaculture as a crisis prevention measure.

13th December 2017

Trauma Drama: What does North Korea Really Want?

Get to know the 3 basic goals and motives of North Korea: What do they really want? How can a peaceful nuclear disarmament take place? What is the role of the US in the North Korean conflict and how can the USA help to transform this conflict formation? Learn about the trauma of North Korea […]

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8th December 2017

Permaculture for Peace: SONED-Network in Africa – Focus: Ghana

This is an orginal interview with Jan “Kipper” Fischer, a Permaculture Practitioner from Berlin who is very active in subsaharan Africa. He is the founder of SONED (Southern Networks for Environment and Development) an NGO which has consistently been building and deepening networks in Africa for ecological projects. In the 30 minutes interview, we talk […]

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7th December 2017

Trump’s USA: Demoralization, Destructuration, Deculturation? (Johan Galtung)

In our recent interview with Prof. Johan Galtung (founder of the academic discipline of Peace Studies and this year’s laureate of the People’s Peace Prize), it becomes clear, that though there are solutions: the United States is domestically marked by processes of destructuration, deculturation and demoralization. and that its foreign policy is marked by processes […]

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24th November 2017

(Deutsch) Permakultur: Einsatz in Marokko! (Interview #3)

This entry is only available in Deutsch.

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