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8th December 2017

Permaculture for Peace: SONED-Network in Africa – Focus: Ghana

This is an orginal interview with Jan “Kipper” Fischer, a Permaculture Practitioner from Berlin who is very active in subsaharan Africa. He is the founder of SONED (Southern Networks for Environment and Development) an NGO which has consistently been building and deepening networks in Africa for ecological projects.

In the 30 minutes interview, we talk about: the Permaculture projects already established in Ghana, the potential of Permaculture in Africa as a whole and about Permaculture as a counter-balance to economic  and forced migration from Africa.

Some of the questions that we adressed are:

1. What are you doing in your line of work? Where is the focus of your work?
2. What is your passion and vision connected to Permaculture?
3. You have been active for about 20 years in Ghana. Why are you active in this country? What is your driving force for your engagement there?
4. Which potential do you see for Ghana through the use of Permaculture?
5. What does it take to establish Permaculture on a broader scale in Ghana?
6. What is the biggest difficulty and challgenge with Permaculture in Ghana?
7. Is Permaculture a means to prevent the kind of migration that saps the youth of African countries and produces refugees in Europe? I.E as a job-giver, improving the nature and circumstances of people, productivity and nutrition)
8. Permaculture in Ghana: What has been done and achieved so far?
9. What does successful fundraising for Ghana look like? What are the factors that could attract potential donors? Why should we support fundraising projects for Permaculture in Ghana?

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Jan “Kipper” Fischer

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