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19th September 2021

Die Kunst des Friedens – Ein Kompetenzkurs des Galtung-Instituts (2021/2022)

Dieser Kurs findet auf Englisch statt. Please click here:

3 thoughts on “Die Kunst des Friedens – Ein Kompetenzkurs des Galtung-Instituts (2021/2022)”

  1. It looks so interesting and well structured! Regarding the weekly sessions, will they be every day of the week? will they have a fixed timetable or will they be variable? It is not very clear the number of joint sessions during the Masterclass in the 12 weeks, will it be 48? 84? Three times a week?

    1. Dear Eugenio, thank you very much for these 3 questions.

      [1] Regarding the weekly sessions, will they be every day of the week?

      There are 2 types of weekly sessions.

      These work best when participants work. Meaning: When the participants produce min.7 max.12 QUESTIONS to the reading material made available to them at the beginning of the course & hand them in/upload them in the ART OF PEACE GROUP forum latest by sunday 23:59CET.

      Type 1: Monday + Wednesday + Friday @ 12:35CET*:

      30min Q&As with Johan Galtung + 30min debriefing with Naakow Grant-Hayford. Via Whatsapp. Sessions with Galtung may be switched to other days depending on what suits participants best, but NOT the time. Whatsapp Q&As with Galtung always 12:35 CET.

      Type 2: Saturday via Zoom @ 12:35CET*:

      30min thematic input lecture by Naakow Grant-Hayford + 30 min Q&A.

      This is what is planned. But how did Brecht put it? „Mach Du nur einen Plan (…) see translation n2 – Yes, the sarcasm is over the top & we disagree with his therapy proposal in the last verse of course ;-): At least as much as we appreciate his brilliance.]

      [2] Will they have a fixed timetable or will they be variable?

      As answered above, the timetable is fixed. But some flexibility to adjust to participant’s needs is always adequate. We’ll see what we can do

      [3] In the 12 weeks, will it be 48? 84? Three times a week?

      Perfect question: 4 sessions a week (3 with Prof. Galtung + 1 thematic input lecture by Naakow Grant-Hayford) x 12 weeks = 48 sessions.

      General overview: Course Instructors & interactive learning via:

      1) Participants read course materials [min.2 of the 4 per Theme] & MUST produce min.7 max.12 QUESTIONS & upload them sunday by 23:59CET = 2 to 3 hours selfwork per theme (36h selfwork)
      2) 12 pre-recorded „Conversations with Galtung“ of each 30 min. on each of the 12 masterclass themes (6h online-training in total.)
      3) 1 weekly live*-lecture of 30 min. by Naakow Grant-Hayford on the 12 masterclass themes + 30 min Q&A via zoom: (12h online-training in total)
      4) 3 live* expert-Q&A classes per week (each 30 min) with Prof. Galtung via whatsapp: (18h online-training)
      5) 3 subsequent live* post expert-Q&A debriefs per week (each 30 min.) with Naakow Grant-Hayford via whatsapp or zoom: (18h online-training)

      A total of 90 hours of Peace Literacy in 12 weeks.
      Serious stuff.
      Enough to professionalize you „à la sauce Galtung“.
      We hope.

      *Miss a live session = watch the recorded video of the course you missed.
      P.S: No sanctions planned, but please don’t miss too many lives.

  2. Thank you for the detailed reply. The didactic approach for the Masterclass is certainly of the highest quality. Asking questions is fantastic, despite being an ancestral way it is definitely revolutionary. I am sure it will be a transformative process towards making conscious and reasonably satisfied peacemakers.The dates and times are universal and go well in NY to start the day. I am glad for your opinion on the last paragraph of the song. Anyway, I will try hard to go without a cap to keep an open mind and a humble attitude just in case. Cheers!

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