18th March 2016

10 basic points about Johan Galtung




  1. He founded the academic discipline of Peace Research in 1959.
  2. He is a 2016 nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.
  3. He is a laureate of the Alternative Nobel Prize aka The Right Livelihood Award.
  4. He coined the term Peacebuilding.
  5. He has mediated in over 200 cases between individuals, nations, institutions & states.
  6. His research led to the OSCE & its politics of deescalation between East & West.
  7. He currently is the rector of Transend Peace University, an Online Peace University.
  8. He teaches „Advanced Conflict Transformation“ at the universities of Madrid & Sydney.
  9. What is the best summary of his political philosophy?
    • It is TRANSDISCIPLINARY [Natural + Social Sciences].
    • It is TRANSLEVEL [Mega-Macro-Micro-Meso Analytical].
    • It is TRANSBORDER [Bringing Humanity Together Beyond States].
  10. He has written 167 books on Peace Theory, Peace Research & Peace Politics.
    • His latest book is „ABOLISHING WAR“ (2015).
    • His upcoming book is: „THE ART OF PEACE“ (2016).


2 thoughts on “10 basic points about Johan Galtung”

  1. william robert da silva sagt:

    I met Prof. Galtung and his wife as visiting professors in the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Osnabruck. Prof. Gyorgy Szell had invited them I was a Visiting Professor there too.
    The many conversations I had with them and his seminars were extraordinary. I have recommended to all my students Transcend Peace and Galtung Institut. Perhaps some have responded. Presently, a few from Gandhian Peace Studies in Gandhinagar might join there.
    William Robert

  2. Joachem Hatizivi Nyamande sagt:

    Prof. Galtung is an amazing person as such he is inspiring to those who advocates for a peaceful world guided by social justice

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