Traineeship for Young Academics (YADIP)

  • Why not acquire in-depth insights into expert level peace literacy and conflict resolution before spending a decade in the UN-system?
  • The YADIP program of the G-I imparts advanced analytical and advisory skills from the perspective of transdiciplinary peace studies to students who are interested in pursuing careers in international professions i.e: development aid, international journalism, transborder business management or diplomacy.


What is YADIP?

  • YADIP is the Galtung-Institut’s trainee-program and stands for “Young Academics for Diplomacy and International Peacebuilding”.
  • In light of the fact that students who begin an international career generally lack experience when entering their field, YADIP was designed as a transdisciplinary program open to students from all disciplines. Thus YADIP enables students to systematically train as “Conflict Transformation Specialists” in line with the UNDP’s “Peaceful Conflict Transformation Manual” written by Prof. Johan Galtung.
  • Trainees in this program acquire the socio-scientific insights of solution-indicative conflict analysis in ways that can be applied to patterns of interaction in general and more specifically to economics, politics and cultural professions.
  • Designed for students currently enrolled, YADIP combines (a) online and (b) on-site courses to impart competences in professional conflict analysis and trauma-sensitive mediation; two sine qua non dimensions of conflict literacy and peace practice normally taught to UNDP crisis resolution staff.


In a nutshell  

  • YADIP is a career furthering trainee-program offered by the G-I, designed to prepare students for high-end international professions, particularly in domains where diplomacy, peace literacy, development cooperation and intercultural understanding are implicitly or explicitly expected skills.
  • In a combination of online and on-site courses, students analyze various types of conflict situations in individual and group simulations. The conflict transformation skills imparted to trainees prepare them for work within international contexts.
  • After the nine to twelve-week trainee program at the Galtung-Institut, participants may be invited to participate in ongoing research-projects at the G-I.
  • Successful participants are awarded certificates confirming their solid insights into techniques and skills in peace practice habitually only accessible to international experts.

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