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vithal rajan

Welcome to our community: How do you define PEACE?

A Spiritual, Social, and Physical coming together in a linked circle of communities mutually enriching each other in a space-time of compassionate knowledge and love.

How did you find this community?

Through Johan Galtung

Do you have any professional experience in the field of peace-research? peace-studies? peace-practice?

Yes, I was in the Anti-Vietnam War movement; I was a mediator in Belfast in the 1970s during the Irish ‘Troubles’ I was faculty at the School of Peace Studies, Bradford University; Executive Director, The Right Livelihood Awards Foundation; Director, Ethics & Education, WWF-International; and chair of a few Indian grassroots NGOS

Are you at all familiar with concepts of Nonviolence and Conflict Transformation?

Yes, I was born in India during the last years of the Indian Freedom Struggle led by Mahatma Gandhi and like several Indians have been influenced by him; other Third World leaders; by trying to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Buddha, and the Holy Prophet

What are your primary conceptual interests and concerns

How poor people can build a peaceful cultured self-reliant society from the bottom upwards


Hyderabad, India

What is your main regional focus?

India – also canada

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