Dr.Usman Rasheed Chaudhry



Dr.Usman Rasheed Chaudhry

Welcome to our community: How do you define PEACE?

Peace is cordial environment in society ,community or country in which an individual can  live happily and enjoy optimal level of living and society is enjoying all amenities of life without any  intrusion of authoritative supression.Peace is the aroma   of  over all wellbeing of person , society or country at large where people live with internal  and external serenity.

How did you find this community?

I am strong admirer of Dr.Johan Galtung and I corresponded with him through email he suggested me to be in touch G-I

Do you have any professional experience in the field of peace-research? peace-studies? peace-practice?

Yes I am Clinical Psychologist and Masters in Criminology and Security Studies.I am running my stress mangement consultancy by the name of PRISM-Pakistan(Psycho social Rehabilitation Institution of Stress Management) since 2007.I conduct work shops for law enforcement departments,youth,institutions,professionals,marginalised population on team work,conflict resolution,anger management,stress mangement,positive workplace,community policing,personal growth,inter faith harmony and positive work place and peace and harmony in Pakistan

Are you at all familiar with concepts of Nonviolence and Conflict Transformation?

These areas have to be explored need more to learn in conflict transformation

What are your primary conceptual interests and concerns

I want to learn more about mediation,peace building,negotiation skills

What is your main regional focus?

want to work on peace building and mediation in Pakistan to minimse the regional conflict to attain peace and harmony in Pakistan




I am from sports background I used to play soccer ,Tennis.In my life I have learnt one thing to give hope to others it will create new energy .I just  lived my life in lighter mode and try to share that control your temperament and involve in healthy activities and I always share one thing with youth and marginalised population that keep moving dont loose hope “You  don’t fail unitil you stop trying”.


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