David Ross



David Ross

Welcome to our community: How do you define PEACE?

To me, peace has got to be more than simply no wars / absence of physical conflict. It has to be mindful of establishing the conditions to prevent conflict in the first place

How did you find this community?

Having heard about Transcend during undertaking futures studies

Do you have any professional experience in the field of peace-research? peace-studies? peace-practice?

At a local level, in practice. I am called on to manage / mediate situations between aggrieved communities and large corporations who have created outrage.  Eg corporations have received approval from government for their operations to go ahead (coal, coal seam gas, waste management facilities), much to the concern of the community; I get brought in as an independent mediator / consultative committee chair

Are you at all familiar with concepts of Nonviolence and Conflict Transformation?

Yes – have read some of Prof Galtung’s books / material on both concepts and have been speaking to Galtung Institute staff about these as well over past few months

What are your primary conceptual interests and concerns

Currently, working on bringing peace to rural communities where there are incompatibl goals between community and industry (and arguably with a compliant government supporting industry)

What is your main regional focus?

Probably Asia Pacific



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