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Welcome to our community: How do you define PEACE?

PEACE: deep ecology – direct democracy – free creativity – organic security – LOVE opportunity – more HAPPY !

please contact me for cooperation: film SUSTAINABLE LIVING “ECOTOPIA”  / making an eco-village, 1. step: feasibility-study /POWER TO PEOPLE: constitutional assemblies of PEOPLE as peace-instrument, too – discussing PAPER “institutional order of convent                >         >have a happy day!  oh happy day….

How did you find this community?

lokking for johan galtung

Do you have any professional experience in the field of peace-research? peace-studies? peace-practice?

pece practice: for example my letter to michail gorbtaschow, for examaple. had enormous effects for common security, german unity…

today putin makes war against human rights, nature, common security…

Are you at all familiar with concepts of Nonviolence and Conflict Transformation?

yes!  yeah!

What are your primary conceptual interests and concerns

disarmement – UN: past war role – organic security etc

What is your main regional focus?

power to people: constitutional assembly of people ! for example implementing STOP rising military-investments, forbidding war (see fpr ex article 26 german constitution)


german – english – bodylanguage (gestik) …


YOUTUBE:  carl maria schulte

studies: education science – constitutional law – peaceResearch – futureStudies…

PEOPLE-diplomate    –  political artist  – futurist  – publisher  – candidate mayor frankfurt, president germany, UN-generalSecretary…

projects: building eco-village  /  film sustainable living / film political art / PEOPLEs Constitutional Assemblies – example actuell: Chile  …

like dancing – laughing – relaxing in nature – creating better futures…


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