Permaculture for Peace?

Permaculture in New Zealand in a Village (Community Permaculture)

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    Sebastian Eck

    Dear Reader,

    meet the lovely Joanna Santa Barbara (TRANSCEND member) from New Zealand who presents her project site. She lives in a village that is managed with the principles of Permaculture and has successfully done so for many years.

    In this 2-part interview, you will get to know:
    -the current ecological situation in New Zealand, the problems and possible solutions
    -how does Permaculture work on a community level and what are the benefits of it?
    -eco-architecture based on ecological sustainability
    -… and much more.

    Community-Permaculture in New Zealand (1)

    Community-Permaculture in New Zealand (2)

    Atamai Village

    I hope you enjoy her insights into Permaculture. One thing for sure, it is an absolute pleasure to listen to Joanna.

    Best regards,


    Sebastian Eck

    And here you find a short article about the Atamai Village and the specifics of the project there:

    Enjoy as well!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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