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Obama: ”Great Speaker, But Kills Little Children”

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    I totally love how Lupe Fiasco is sticking to this topic


    Remember how he got into it it last year?

    It started with this song he recorded called words I never said. in which he points out how contraproductive the war on terror is.


    Then in an interview he said obama was a terrorist. :-0


    There is no reason why he or anyone else should be silent over this matter.



    Good lord now thats one heavy topic to debate. You’ve started soemthing here.

    I’ll probably comment on this at a latter point. But I didn’t know you were into Hiphop that much. 🙂




    Yes, I use hiphop music in my performance and acting classes a lot.

    My students usually love it. I grew up around boys – all my older brothers were into breakdancing and rapping so of course they were my heroes and this stuck.


    This fellow called Lowkey is a british artist and has been politically active against U.S imperialism for as far as I can think back.

    kimm sutton

    I hate hiphop and rap and all that misogynistic materialistic ignorant talk that goes with it. Sorry Ayuna. But that Obama killing babies is unfortunately very true. But what is the alternative? Romney???????? No way!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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