Open Reading List — Discover Johan Galtung

Anything Galtung’s Docs Open Reading List — Discover Johan Galtung

01)   Galtung on Epistemology of Peace Theory and Peace Practice

02)   Galtung on Macrohistory:  “Macrohistorians Combined: Towards Eclecticism”

03)   Galtung on International Relations 1: ‘A Structural Theory of Imperialism’

04)   Galtung on International Relations 2:   The Fall of the U.S Empire  — (Click here for the Book)

05)   Galtung on International (trans-state) Relations 3: ‘ EU and Multi-Polar Globalization’

06)   Galtung on Economics 1: Marxism and Capitalism: Two Ways of Being Western

07)   Galtung on Economics 2: A World In Economic Crisis – Predicting Economic Crisis

08)   Galtung on Culture 1:  Rethinking Conflict the Cultural Approach

09)   Galtung on Culture 2: From Polyglot to Polycultural: A Next Step in Raising Children

10)   Galtung on Culture 3: Cultural Peace – Some Characteristics 

11)   Galtung on Culture 4: Cultural Violence

12)   Galtung on Religion: Religions Hard and Soft

13)   Galtung on Development 1: The Social Costs of Modernization: Disintegration & Development

14)   Galtung on Development 2: Self Reliance part 1 & Self Reliance part 2

15)   Galtung on Ecology 1: Eco-Logic & Politologic are they compatible?

16)   Galtung on Ecology 2: Perspectives on Environmental Politics in Overdeveloped and Underdeveloped Countries

17)   Galtung on Ecology 3: The Cocoyoc Declaration (UNEP/UNCTAD symposium)

18)   Galtung on Anthropology:  The Basic Needs Approach

19)   Galtung on Conflict: FORESEEING CONFLICT

20) Galtung on Journalism: News Values Theory and Peace Journalism

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