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  • Profilbild von Werner Meyer
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  • Profilbild von Martin Jank
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  • Profilbild von Federica Riccadonna
    Federica Riccadonna - "I am in Nepal. This interest for mountainous communities and peace bring me here. What about my first considerations?? the first step. Only few words on local language can change my approach and […]"Anzeigen
    Active vor 3 Jahren
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    Erika Degortes - "Dear all welcome to the Galtung-Institut online community"Anzeigen
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  • Profilbild von John V Wilmerding, Jr.
    John V Wilmerding, Jr. - "Please see my most recent paper ‚Justice as Active Peace‘, published in June 2012 in Contemporary Justice Review, the journal of the Justice Studies Association."Anzeigen
    Active vor 7 Jahren, 7 Monaten
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    ayuna - "hello everyone. Can’t help but love this whole Peace studies stuff."Anzeigen
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