Monserrat Gonzalez

  • Dear Monserrat, welcome to the Galtung-Institut community!
    We are delighted about the interest you have shown and we are very much looking foward to here from you about your paper, your ideas concerning, not only prof. Galtung‘ s theories but also Peace, Conflict, Development and Civilization in general. thank you for joing us! @monserrat140

    • Dear Erka, thank you very much, I´m very much looking forward learning and sharing a lot!!!

      • @of course I meant ‚hear‘, but it can also be ‚written‘. Where are you located at the moment? and how did your interest in Peace/conflict started, if I may?

        • Hi Erika,
          Sorry for my quick answer before, well I´m working in my PhD thesis on how external agents and agencies that promote development in the Huichol Indigenous Community in Mexico reproduce structural and cultural violence, as understood by Johan Galtung, and right now I´m in Mexico City working in the literature review of my thesis, so my i…[Weiterlesen]



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