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  • Gruppenlogo von General Discussion
    aktiv vor 4 Monaten, 2 Wochen

    Everything that doesn’t fit anywhere else. From your opinion on something you just watched on television to your family bothering you with your career choice. “Conflict Resolution Specialist?“ What on earth is […]

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  • Gruppenlogo von International Relations: Conflict, War & Peace
    aktiv vor 9 Monaten, 2 Wochen

    Political Science, Geopolitics, Is Realpolitik realistic?, Peace research, Peace studies, Diplomacy, Conflict Analysis, Peace Keeping, Mediation, Friedensforschung, Friedensforscher, Friedens- und […]

    Private Gruppe / 42 Mitglieder
  • Gruppenlogo von F.U.S.E – Fall of the U.S. Empire – And Then What?
    aktiv vor 3 Jahren, 3 Monaten

    If you’ve read it, look no further. Here is where to share your opinion about it and exchange with other readers of the book. This group is dedicated to discussing the book by the same title wirtten by Prof. […]

    Öffentliche Gruppe / 11 Mitglieder
  • Gruppenlogo von African Futures
    aktiv vor 5 Jahren, 10 Monaten

    Geopolitics of Africa

    Öffentliche Gruppe / 20 Mitglieder
  • Gruppenlogo von Understanding the Arab Revolts
    aktiv vor 5 Jahren, 10 Monaten

    History in the making.

    Öffentliche Gruppe / 33 Mitglieder



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