24th March 2015


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Learn Methods, Analyse Conflicts, Produce Policy Advice on Conflicts in:

-The Americas, The Africas, The Middle East & West-Asia, The Europes and The Asias.

With G-I Fellows: Naakow Grant-Hayford and Keil Eggers and Supervisor: Prof. Johan Galtung

The Galtung-Institut for Peace Theory and Peace Practice (G-I) is looking for interns to form a SOLUTION-INDICATIVE CONFLICT-ANALYSIS Working-Group. The purpose of this Working-Group is to apply the methods in use at the G-I, which chiefly rest on translevel (mega, macro, meso, micro), transborder and transdisciplinary epistemological approaches to current international conflicts.

Work will mainly revolve around fast-paced monthly Diagnosis, Prognosis and Therapy analysis of current macro conflict-formations. The Working-Group is to generate concrete, constructive and practical nonviolent policy-solutions to current international violent conflicts.

Interns will be directed by Geopolitical Research Fellow Naakow Grant-Hayford and G-I Junior Research Fellow Keil Eggers. The work generated in this group will be integrated into the Octagon-Project supervised by Prof. Galtung.

Participants gain: (*)skills that will benefit their careers (*)global connections (*)theoretical and methodological insights (*)area specialization (*)professionalization.

Nota Bene: “At the G-I, our intellectual loyalties as researchers are to life, humanity and to the integrity of the ecosystem as such. Not to a specific government or state, nor to capital and ideological or intellectual traditions of any calling except one: Si Vis Pacem Para Pacem.

2 thoughts on “(E) Working Group on SOLUTION-INDICATIVE CONFLICT ANALYSIS”

  1. Mo El Mongy sagt:

    This is very interesting. When does this working group start working?

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