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    This coming week, Nov 25-Nov 26 an International Permaculture Conference, followed by Convergence of practitioners, will be hosted for the first time in India at Hyderabad. The Permaculture motto, Care for the Land and Care for the People is a practical application of Galtung’s peace philosophy. I am glad I had a small role to play by inviting Bill Mollison to India in the 1980s and founding the Permaculture Association of India. Peace theory requires us not only to be peace theorists but also practitioners in daily life.

    • Hey Vithal Rajan 🙂

      Thank you for that lovely comment that Permaculture is also practiced and active in India… and the reminder that we have to be active ourselves.

      Are you going to participate in the conference? If so, it would be of enormous value and I would be very grateful if you could share your learnings and insights here with us.

      Best regards from Germany,

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