Julian Philippi



Julian Philippi

Welcome to our community: How do you define PEACE?

Peace can be defined as both the absence of personal and of structural violence.

How did you find this community?

After completion of my academic education I want to work in civil peace missions. In order to best prepare myself for the future, I decided to search for online courses on peacebuildung. I found the Galtung-Institut and decided to enroll.

Do you have any professional experience in the field of peace-research? peace-studies? peace-practice?

Currently, I am enrolled in a Master of International Affairs program in Berlin. Throughout my studies,I focused on development cooperation as well as peace and security studies. My experience up to this point is purely academic.

Are you at all familiar with concepts of Nonviolence and Conflict Transformation?

I do not have extensive previous knowledge and am looking forward to expand my horizon over the duration of this course.

What are your primary conceptual interests and concerns

I am most interest learning how to solve and prevent conflicts.

What is your main regional focus?

I do not have a regional focus yet, but am interested in the Sub-Saharan African countries.


German (native), English (full professional proficiency) and French (limited professional proficiency).


For my undergraduate studies I completed courses in Law, Economics and Politics.

My concentration in my Master of International Affairs is on “Security and Sustainability”, I am most interest in conflict resolution and prevention.

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