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    Structural Violence. Dear Mrs. Gonzalez, please let us know which aspect of it you are working on and with 🙂 Sounds exciting.

    • Dear Mrs. Gonzales, your research is on “how external development aid agents and agencies reproduce structural and cultural violence in the Huichol indigenous community”. Are you speaking about governmental agencies which reproduce internal policies or also international NGOs?I read some books about how humanitarian aid agencies can influence this kind of violence. I can give you the titles, if you want.

      • Dear Federica, I´m working on international and national NGO´s, but I´m also taking a look at national programs and policies (as they provide funding and the enabling space for NGO´s action), so please let me know the titles, I really appreciate it, thanks

        • Hi Mrs. Gonzales!!
          Well, Here is the author: Linda Polman, I read The Crisis Caravan: What’s Wrong with Humanitarian Aid. She makes hard critiques but I think that can broaden our horizons.
          Another is Mary the link..…/anderson_handbook.pdf .
          In this bibliography you find other two books interesting!!
          The last one is an Italian Luciano Carrino, Perle e pirati. I am not able to find it in English. If I find it I will tell you.
          I do not know if these books can help you, they are general, but maybe they can give you new prospectives for your specifc case.
          I wish you all the best!!

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