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19th September 2021

THE ART OF PEACE – A Galtung-Institut Masterclass (2021/2022)

Enroll online HERE for the (G-I) Galtung-Institut Masterclass on: THE ART OF PEACE Begins: November 1st. 2021 – Ends: February 14th 2022 12 weeks in total – Assisted Learning throughout – Galtung-Institut & TPU Certification. Table of Contents About: Galtung-Institut & Masterclass: THE ART OF PEACE Why is this course titled THE ART OF PEACE? […]

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2nd July 2018

A glimpse at Trumpism & Why I read Norway’s Klassen Kampen

There are many summit meetings, usually with Trump. Stephen F. Cohen, “Who’s Afraid of a Trump-Putin Summit?“, (The Nation27 Jun 2018): they may serve to assess each other before a war–and to search for peace. But, do they know what that means beyond disarmament and rule of law? “Good chemistry” is not sufficient, nor is […]

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4th February 2018

Johan Galtung: Never Again! Against Militarism; for Conflict Transformation.

Some Biographical notes: In WWII, I was 13 when Nazis invaded & occupied Norway. My father, vice mayor of Oslo, was on the right side of history: He helped the resistance against Nazis. They found out & locked him up in a concentration camp in Grini. He survived. I swore: Never again! I have written […]

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2nd February 2018


toc Table of Contents I. Missing: Conflict Literacy II. Missing: Peace Literacy III. Missing: Positive Peace in Geopolitics part0 I. Missing: Conflict Literacy ↩ The example is Robert Malley “10 Conflicts to Watch in 2018”, in Foreign Policy, USA,, 03-01-2018. His list: 1. North Korea, 2. US-Saudi-Iran rivalry, 3. Rohingya-Myanmar-Bangladesh, 4. Yemen, 5. Afghanistan, 6. […]

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