• Javier postete ein Update vor 9 Jahren, 1 Monat

    Hello, all members and friends. Do you know if theres an special group in this community specialized in the Balkans conflicts? I focus my studies in the region. Thank you very much! Warm regards!

    • Dear Javier, not yet! you are most welcome to create it and to involve other specialists to join the discussion about it 😉

      • Javier antwortete vor 9 Jahren

        Dear Erika, im really sorry to answer this late. Studies are killing me everyday. Thats a really good opportunity and a great idea! We should start creating an special group for the topic. Big greetings for you and for all the community!

      • To Ms. Erika, I think that a great idea! There should be organized groups for special topics like the Balkan conflicts. I would be very much interested in joining you guys. Very interesting topic.



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