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    I am in Nepal. This interest for mountainous communities and peace bring me here.
    What about my first considerations??
    Language..is the first step. Only few words on local language can change my approach and their vision. The greetings manner is „Namaste“, it sounds like..I greet the God in you..A wonderful way to remember daily that everyone should be respected in his humanity and diversity.

    • Namaste dear Fede. How was your day today? Keep us informed :-). You seem to be enjoying the cultural tenements there very much.

      • Namaste Naakow. Well..this city is so chaotic, full of traffic, dust, people, sounds, colours. Sometimes I need to rest, and a tea with milk sitting in small chairs inside small locals is the best option. I use to sit and watch people in their ordinary life, working, speaking, laughing..some immages captured my attention: porters with huge bags walking without problems..they seem undefeatable but also so vulnerable. I have been in a temple, one of the most famous for Hindu and Bhuddists..two religions in a so strict contact. I am not able to recognize where one stop and the other begin. A monkey tried to steal my bottle of water..but..how can you become angry? it look in my eyes and it seems to say..well, Fede, it is only a bottle of water!!please!!
        Here people have the rare capacity to understand how to enter in contact with you, they are respectful, and they know where is the limit to not cross. So many things to learn..
        I have my first Nepali friends..
        I have been in a small restaurant reading my newspaper with an eye, watching the woman cooking with the other eye.. 🙂 ..and three students were sitting near me. One of them took my newspaper and so I asked..nothing interesting? Ahaha..he started talking, asking, explaining..
        We made a walk round Kathmandu, they show me young people’s dreams, life style, culture..
        One of them, Min, a very clever boy, said me that during the war he escaped some weeks in India, in order to avoid to be engaged with Maoist, that were enrollling also children. They offered him to start fighting, but he was so young that he could not take the gun…so they offered him to carry food and supplies. But..he wondered, why I have to kill other Nepali!!.
        This is one of the surprising meetings that i done!
        As I told you, I met Bishnu Pathak (I am translating some articles in italian in order to spread his deep approach) and Yadab (we are thinking togheter about some possibilities of working)…we wiill see..
        Sometimes here there is no eletricity. It can happen also for 8 hours, but there is something special in reading, eating, chating in candle light. You can see stars in the sky above centre of Kathmandu..
        here everything close at 22 pm..people wake up early in the morning and sleep early in the evening. Sane life! But this is due to old habits during the war!
        And about eletricity..Nepal is one of the richest contry in the world of water, there is hydroeletricity, but..its giants neighbours take its energy!!!this is an important issue..about Sino-India influence on Nepal..a new playground for a cold war between new blocks???
        Another important things..Nepal did not sign United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees (CRSR), and this creates huge difficulties for Tibetan refugees from China. But Nepal act in this way in order to not loose its partner!!Nepal is acting in order to maintain India and China near, but this influence victimizes Nepal!This issue is one of the most important!I am preparing a more complex report!
        here, sometimes life is hard..sometimes is so wonderful..but everytime this is true life!! 😀
        I hope you all dears are fine!

        • Now aint that some shit. a monkey tried to steal my bottle of water. What type of zoo were you sitting in? I man seriously: A monkey? Monkey as in ape? This is the strangest thing I have heard in my life. „A monkey tried to steal my bottle of water“ TO DO WHAT? To take a sip? Or serve himself a glass of it? What on earth is a monkey doing in your restaurant and what is it doing wanting to take your bottle and HOW ON EARTH can a monkey be asking you for permission? This is really weird. You transcend people do some really strange things. But it is entertaining. Sad story of child soldier.

          • well..What about you Osiris?who are you?which kind of things do you do in your life? 😀 And yes…a monkey…in this temple there are so many monkeys..some also aggressive!they are not afraid by people..



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