• Timothy C A Leisman posted an update 8 years, 6 months ago

    While Gingrich and Romney fight over who is less of a scumbag, many families in America fight just to put food on the table every night. Check out the trailer for this new Sundance documentary “Finding North” concerning hunger in the richest nation on Earth.

    • Thank you for sharing this video Tim. It is absolutely devastating. I remember watching a documentary on Aljazeera about this several months ago

      Russia Today (of course 🙂 ) has also been quite candid about this issue.

      • I’d like to add this though dear Tim: [SOLUTIONS ABOUND]

        The upside is that there is ALWAYS an incredible amount of creativity paired with empathy where humans are faced with hunger, poverty and morbidity: Soutions abound!!! Look here:

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