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Victoria Scheyer

Victoria Scheyer is a "Conflict Transformation Specialist Trainee" and event-manager for the Galtung-Institut's annual Summer Academy at the Galtung-Institut. She is currently located in Costa Rica where she is completing her Masters Degree in International Peace Studies at the United Nations University for Peace. Her special fields of interest are solution-indicative conflict analysis, structural violence, applied conflict transformation, reconciliation and migration issues.

8th November 2017

On the lack of Empathy as a major threat to Peace

What is the most important threat to peace? If one were to wager what would be the single most important threat to peace, it would have to be the lack of empathy. In his book “The Empathic Civilization”, Jeremy Rifkin puts the problématique in pointed terms: “Can we reach global empathy in time to avoid the collapse of civilization and save the Earth?”

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29th June 2017

Vegetarian by Peaceful Means

Ever since I was born, I have been living on a meatless diet and have therefore automatically been exposed to numerous sensitive conversations about being a vegetarian. For 25 years, I have had to experience many debates, discussions, fights, insults and criticism about the way I nourish myself, even though I have felt and still […]

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