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    Africa, our future
    According to statisticians, Africa has just crossed the threshold of one billion people: it now houses one of seven human, when she hosted in only 1 out of 10 in 1950, and host 1 in 5 in 2050, 2 billion people. This is one of the signs that make Africa, the main crucible of misery, a source of growth and die for our future.
    Africa, of course, is the first place of all suffering: a life span of less than fifteen years the global average, an infant mortality rate 20 times higher than in Western Europe, the rate of rural exodus highest in the world, with the proliferation of slums and dilapidated infrastructure. Half of its territory, which is home to half of the population is desert, famine is permanent, such as lack of water will worsen with climate change, which will lead to huge population movements.
    It is the continent of all suffering and all potential
    Africa is also the ecological lung of the planet of its forests, which cover about 22% of the continent (and even 45% in Central Africa, especially the Congo Basin, the world’s second largest tropical forest) depend on the control of greenhouse gas emissions, protection of diversity, soil stabilization, quality and water flow.
    Africa is one of the engines of global growth, as is his superior in years, the global average, and still exceeds 2% in 2009, against 5% previously, which is not enough to prevent millions of Africans from falling into extreme poverty.
    Africa is the last place of all the promises. It is the richest continent in raw materials (oil, minerals, and agricultural products). This is also the youngest 43% of sub-Saharan Africans are less than 15 years, and in Nigeria alone, there are born each year more children throughout the European Union. Uganda is even the youngest country in the world, with 56% under 15 years.
    Schooling is booming, the birth rate, increasing expertise, particularly in Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, South Africa and Kenya, life expectancy has increased sixteen years since 1950. Financial markets open everywhere; universities are improving Internet connections were disrupted by the introduction of two underwater cables. Finally, attitudes are changing incredibly fast and improving governance, despite maintaining too often, nepotism and corruption.
    Also, we in Europe and particularly in France should consider Africa as a great potential, much closer to us than all the other giants that fascinate us. If one knows how to organize partnerships to develop natural resources on site, instead of abandoning the Chinese and the Americans, once again conspired against Europeans. If we know the Franc zone complete with other cooperation agencies, stabilizing commodity prices and enhancing the fabulous creative abilities of the continent. If we know this, beyond any altruism, which he should expect nothing, prepare for our future by clinging to this exceptional locomotive. By Jacques Attali



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